The main aim of this project is to promote the use of risk prevention measures and processes in cement sector by making available an innovative training tool in 3D, which will help VET organizations giving courses in the field of risk prevention in cement sector to achieve the desired impact in training related to health and safety in the cement quarrying and production plants sector.


  • To compile European and Country-specific regulations related to risk prevention measures applicable to cement production.
  • To perform a research among the companies will cover two main areas:
    • situations with highest risk of accident or injury.
    • current level of implementation of risk prevention measures.
  • To decide which are the most important risk situations in cement industry and, based on them, produce the scripts for 10 animations in 3D, with the aim of raising awareness of cement workers about these risks and to train them on how to prevent the accidents involved.
  • To produce an ICT based tool including 10 sketches, which will be available for free on the Internet to be used as a supporting material in the numerous health and safety courses distributed within the cement sector.
  • To promote the implementation of training courses based on the materials developed and its use among companies, unions, VET schools, public institutions and any other organization related to cement.
  • To widely disseminate the project and its products.


The consortium built for this project consists of different types of organizations being linked through their complementary relation with the cement industry. The distribution of activities is made according to their complementary skills, competences and expertise:
  • Management of the project: CTM, with a big expertise in LLP projects, will coordinate the activities, while promoter ATIC will coordinate the technical side of the project.
  • Experts in labour risk prevention from the different partner organizations will be in charge of taking the main decisions regarding the key.
  • Dissemination bodies: All partners will allow a direct dissemination among all cement companies associations across Europe.
  • Exploitation of results: All partners will ensure the best exploitation of the project products.
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